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Self Drive Minibus Hire

While travelling solo certainly has a lot of appeal – think of the amount of freedom you'd have in your hands! – sharing your experiences during a trip with other people holds its own attraction. After all, man is, by nature, a social being. But there are limits to the extent of his sociability. He might be friendly and seeking company during a trip, but that does not mean he'd readily give his trust even to strangers.

And a stranger is exactly what the driver is, in the event that you hire a Essex minibus with a driver. Minibus Hire Essex is aware of this and is sensitive enough to the knowledge that there are people who do not appreciate having a stranger in their midst. That is why we came up with our self drive minibus hire service, where you get all the benefits and advantages of the minibus with driver service, except for the driver.

In the self drive minibus hire service, our company will not choose your driver; you will. You may even be familiar enough with Essex that you can do the driving yourself. Bottomline: you make the final decision on who will be driving, and our only concern is to make sure that your designated driver can be trusted to have the capability and qualifications to drive our minibus in and around Essex.

You wouldn't have to worry about spending a fortune on this service, either. Minibus Hire Essex is known for providing quality minibus hire services at low rates. In actual fact, we offer the cheapest minibus hire rates in Essex, a fact that is greatly appreciated by our customers, thus, earning their loyalty. Think of all the cost savings to you. If you avail of our self drive minibus hire, you'd spend even less because there are no driver's fees included in your final tab.

The quality of Essex minibuses we provide our customers is a result of the collaborative efforts of the vehicle manufacturer and Minibus Hire Essex to provide the most user-friendly minibus out there. In addition to the high quality that is already expected from vehicles produced by top auto manufacturers, the modifications we had installed on each of the vehicles are also top of the line. Experience the high life by watching Essex through the sliding roofs while nursing a drink from our built-in drink coolers. The entertainment system we had installed in our minibus would also make you feel like you're home, which is exactly what we were aiming for. We want you to feel at home even in a mobile environment such as a minibus.

No one could fault Minibus Essex even when it comes to how we deliver our services. Our hands-on and face-to-face approach is something we make a point of maintaining because we want our customers to feel like they are truly being taken care of. We are ready to give out pointers about the places, facilities and deals in Essex that would interest you and make your whole trip even more worthwhile. Trust us; we know this town, and we know you deserve only the best that it has to offer.

Nothing else would give you that feeling of being in full control of your own trip than travelling in your car. But if that is not possible, getting a self drive minibus is the next best thing, and hiring it from Minibus Hire Essex would be the most logical step.

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